How to make cool animations

by Sean from
June 2020 Update

Making Animation Easy

This newsletter is huuuge -- buckle up! :-)

For the month of June, I've been focused on making the animation system in Spook Show Studio powerful, quick to work with, and easy to use.

I'll walk through how everything works:

Layers and Animations

Before jumping into animations, it's important to understand that layers and animations make up the scene.

There are three animations available per room (Anim1-3), and a bunch of layers. These can be reordered by dragging.

The layers themselves can't animate, but they can be shown or hidden (like the TV above).

To start creating an animation, first you have to select which type you want:

Let's go through each animation type in detail:


Using Frames, you can draw each individual frame, and set a delay per frame ("3" in the gif above).

This is the most work, but it gives you the most control.

Also notice the running man icon on the left will let you preview any animation.

You can choose how the animation loops:


The Light animation applies a simple flashlight effect.

You can choose the intensity of the light, and the inner and outer radius.

When the player is in the room, they will need to hunt around with their cursor to see everything.


I've had the most fun with Particles - you can create all sorts of cool effects, like fire, water, smoke, debris, magic, etc.

You start by drawing where you want particles to be created, and what color.

Next, you can decide how the particles behave using the controls. It might seem complicated at first, but if you play with it, you can easily figure out each piece:


Lastly, there's the Shake animation.

As you would expect, this shakes the screen :-).

There are a few ways to customize it:


Alright, that's enough for this month!

These four animation types can create some cool effects. Keep in mind they can be combined - there are up to three animations per room. That means you can have a waterfall using particles, in a dark cave with a flashlight, and a rumbling earthquake, all in the same room.

This design also allows for new animation types in the future - but these four are good enough to get started.

Thanks for following along, see you in July!

- Sean aka @velipso