Moving through rooms

by Sean from
May 2020 Update

Moving Through Rooms

This past month I've been working on getting gameplay working.

As you can see in the animation, I have moving between rooms working, along with running some behaviors, and parts of the inventory system.

In order to test functionality, I've been upgrading As Luck May Have It to run inside Spook Show Studio.

As Luck May Have It was an early prototype I made a few years ago -- you can still play it online if you want, but the original graphics are very low res :-).

It's been a great guinea pig for me, and it's fun to see it come to life again.

Title Screen

I also adapted the Spook Show Studio logo into the game's title screen. Nothing here works -- this is just the design.

I'm still debating how the start of the game should work, how to save progress, and saving player adventures. So far I'm thinking of just having four "files" that players can load up.

This wouldn't restrict the number of adventures someone could make -- these "files" would behave more like profiles, where it would track the player's progress and achievements, along with saving all their adventures.

Anyways, just an idea at this point :-).

Thanks for reading and subscribing! I hope y'all are doing well!

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See you next month!

- Sean aka @velipso