Text editor for writing behavior

by Sean from spookshow.studio
April 2020 Update

Behavior Editor

The hardest part in designing Spook Show Studio has been trying to allow complex game behavior with simple tools.

I want to strike a balance between being able to make interesting puzzles, while also being accessible to people who don't want to learn to program computers.

So far, I have settled on creating a very simple programming language I call Spooky BASIC. I might simplify it further, but you can start to see the idea in the GIF above.

The editor allows you to insert text boxes and edit them directly -- these will be displayed to the player as they're playing through your adventure.

But it is also mixed with code snippets, so for example, you can choose to only display text boxes if a certain condition is met.

I have considered having a beginner mode that doesn't require any coding. If I see people struggling with programming after releasing the game, I might spend time on that. But for now, I need the core functionality working.

New Screenshots!

I also updated the website (spookshow.studio) to include six screenshots of the main pieces:

  1. Play your adventure
  2. Draw your scene
  3. Mask your scene
  4. Create behavior for clicks
  5. Create items
  6. Compose music

Thanks for subscribing and following my progress!

If you have any questions or comments, feel free to respond directly to this email.

See you next month, and I hope everyone is staying safe and healthy.

- Sean aka @velipso

Website: spookshow.studio